1.2 Verbal and Non-verbal communication (BBFS)

The truth is that your verbal and non-verbal communication is either working with you or against you and there’s not a lot of room in between.  Whilst the statistics can vary culturally, we do know that tone, volume and pitch of voice, along with gestures and overall mannerisms have an immense effect when interacting with an individual or a crowd.  We may find ourselves at work in an environment full of unspoken language. Often, it’s what is not said that is heard the loudest. From pitches to board meetings, your body language illustrates your confidence, your commitment, and your intentions more than you may realize.


What you will learn 

  • The 7% rule
  • The role of verbal communication over written communication
  • The role of non-verbal communication in business
  • Improve your body language for success in the context of social styles



Course Material

 Watch the course video to learn about The Four Styles


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