1.5 Exploring Your Personal Strengths (BYLB)

There was a time when it was popular to ignore your strengths and spend time ‘fixing’ your weaknesses. We advocate the opposite. For most people their strengths are born from passion and interest – it is enjoyable for them to continue to develop those strengths. The two biggest problems many leaders face when it comes to showcasing their strengths is firstly, their inability to recognize those strengths as standing out among the crowd, and secondly, not being able to talk about their strengths in a way that really interests others. You’re afraid to sound big-headed, irrelevant or stilted. We are going to change the way you talk about your strengths. You will sound confident, humble and clear – and that builds your leadership brand. By the way, we’re not advocating that you completely ignore your weaknesses, just while you’re covering this topic!

What You’ll Learn

• Identify your leadership strengths
• Insights into how to create a powerful bridge between your strengths and the pains or gains that your organization/team/boss faces.
• How to create impact statements that showcase your strengths

Course Material
Watch the course video to gain insights into your personal values.

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