1.6 Five Levels of Leadership (LTCB)

If leadership was split into 5 levels with level 1 being at the lowest level of leadership and level 5 the highest, where might you put yourself?
Do you rely on policies and procedures and performance management appraisals to get things done? How would you rate the level of trust and respect within your team and do all members of your team trust and respect you? Does your organisation rate you as a top performer and look to your team as the A-team? Do you spend 80% of your time doing and 20% of your time leading or is it the other way around? Do you influence beyond the department, organisation and into wider industry? Well, we are going to explore all the levels right up to the pinnacle level of what makes a great leader and how you can get there.

What You’ll Learn

• What are the 5 Levels of Leadership?
• What are the key characteristics of each of those 5 levels?
• What steps you can take to ensure you progress through those 5 levels?
• What you can achieve from this process of growth and learning?

Course Material
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