1.4 How to influence others through versatility (BBFS)

A majority of people around you don’t understand why you are behaving the way you do.  Why is that a problem? Because you are not being understood by a majority of people around you.  Not only is that an inefficient way to communicate, it’s not acting in the best interests of your company.  To improve your Leadership brand, you need to be able to have presence and articulate what you want to achieve, in order to be able to positively influence others.  If you are more versatile in your speech, body language, approach or even mirror the way your audience behaves, they will change their perception of you.  You are more likely to be liked and you will be able to influence them to behave the way you want them to behave.


What you will learn

  • How each style wants other people to behave
  • How you can behave to match the other person’s style
  • The impact of rising tension on your behavioural style
  • What steps you can take to avoid conflict in your styles


Course Material

Watch the course video to learn about how to influence others through versatility


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