I don't have a Paypal but I want to enroll. What should I do?

Our website is integrated with Paypal only at the moment. But you may reach out to Krysta – krysta.fox@changeosity.com and inform her about your situation. She will provide you with other options for you to be able to enroll.

I already enrolled to a course, but it says I am not yet enrolled.
Send your payment receipt to support@changeosity.com  and we’ll get this sorted out.
How do I start my course?

Login to your dashboard and…

1. Go to your My Account 

2. You’ll see what course/s you have access to.

3. Click on the course and it will take you right to the course page or…

4. Click on the down arrow (expand) to start with the modules on your course. 

How do I change my profile picture?

Our Learning Management System is partenered with Gravatar, Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there. Click here to set up your Gravatar.

What is my password?

The credentials are sent to your registered email as soon as you successfully enrolled to a course. The username along with your password is indicated on your welcome email.

How do I change my password?

If you are logged in, go to…
1. My account
2. On the sidebar, click on Account Details.

If you are logged out, and you forgot your password, go to…

1. Login page
2. Click on Lost Password.
3. Enter your registered email address.

If any of these methods don’t work for you, please email support@changeosity.com


Browse Some Of Our Best Online Courses


Become an innovation leader

Want to be an inspiring leader of innovation, but don’t know where to start? Enrol in this mini-course if you want to improve the ideas that you and your team generate and implement. This mini-course is packed with incredible insights and practical exercises that will forever change the way you lead innovation.

Course Overview


Putting Your Values Into Action

Identifying your personal values and putting them into action is a powerful leadership trait. Learn to appreciate where your values align with your organisations, where differences create opportunity for diversity and celebration and how to deal with disconnects.

Course Overview


Build the behaviour for success

Build The Behaviour for Success is a mini-course for leaders who want to understand themselves better and elevate the positive impact they have on others. This course will help you see how behaving differently can dramatically improve your leadership brand and your teams' performance.

Course Overview


Build Your Leadership Brand

Build Your Leadership Brand is a powerful program for leaders who know they've been held back, but can’t figure out why, who want to build better work relationships (the greatest key to work success) and wish they had tools that most leaders never discover, who believe that sharing wisdom is a gift and want access to 50 years of practical insights from multi-industry, award-winning, C-level leadership experience, and who want a world-class program to Build Your Leadership Brand.

Course Overview


Leading Through Change Academy

Want to be the inspiring leader through change that you know you can become but don’t know where to start? Enrol in the Leading Through Change Bootcamp if you are willing to lead yourself and others through challenging times. This course has been designed by three award winning leaders passionate about helping others to dramatically improve their leadership skills. With 7 modules and 34 lessons, this course is packed with incredible insights and practical exercises that will forever change the way you lead. Now is the time for you to stand up and Lead Through Change.

Course Overview


Run a Strategy Refresh Workshop

COMING SOON. This course is designed for leaders who want to facilitate powerful, collaborative interactive strategy workshops. In a step by step guide you become a master facilitator with the best tools and insights used by strategy experts. This program contains the best lessons from the culmination of 15 years of developing and execution award winning strategy.

Couse Overview