Putting Your Values Into Action

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About this micro course

Our values reflect who we are. They appear in our behaviours even without us realising.

Many of us haven’t taken the time to consider the impact our values have on our own behaviour, how we respond to others and the impact it has on them.

Understanding and appreciating your own and others’ values is one of the greatest keys to collaboration. We are not seeking a “cookie-cutter” version of values. We are looking for appreciation of similarities and nurturing and respect of differences – knowing that research demonstrates the importance of diversity in improving performance and decision-making.

We can all build an inspirational leadership style that has a powerful impact on our career, our team and business results. Values in action is one important element of that.

Do You Want To

  • understand your own values
  • work out how to put your values into action
  • identify how to align your values with those around you – appreciating similarities AND differences

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